Three Ways To Run Low-Level Format Using Intel® Software Tools


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Learn below how to run a Secure Erase (or low level format) on supported Intel® SSDs



The Secure Erase functionality is compatible on the following operating systems:

  • SATA devices supported on Windows 7* only, later operating system versions block this capability
  • NVMe devices supported on all tool supported operating systems

As long as the following is true:


Click or the topic for details:

Option 1: Intel® Memory and Storage GUI Tool—Run Secure Erase
  1. Download and install the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool on the primary system drive.
  2. Open the tool and select the drive to be erased in the left side panel.
  3. Hover over the Select a Feature menu and press Secure Erase.

    Press Secure Erase

  4. Press the Erase button.

    Press the Erase button

  5. Read the warning message and press the Yes button.

    Read the warning message and press the Yes button

    Read the warning message and press the Yes button

Option 2: Intel® Memory and Storage CLI Tool—Execute Delete Command
  1. Download and install the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool on the primary system drive. (The Windows* installer is the same for the GUI and CLI.)
  2. In Windows:
    1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
      1. Open Windows menu.
      2. Type command prompt.
      3. Click Run as administrator .
  3. In Linux*:
    1. Open Terminal (for example, CTRL+ALT+T).
  4. Type the following: intelmas show -intelssd (Images in the following steps are from Windows as an example.  No need to change directory as the commands are global)

    Type the command

  5. Reference the Index number of the drive to be erased.
  6. Type the following: intelmas delete -intelssd # (Note: # is the index number for the drive to be erased)
  7. Read the warning, Type Y and Press Enter.

    Read the warning Type Y and Press Enter

Option 3: Intel® Solid State Drive Toolbox (Intel® SSD Toolbox)—Run Secure Erase

The Intel® SSD Toolbox has reached End of Life and is no longer available, please see the following article for more information.

End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement for the Intel® SSD Toolbox and Intel® SSD Data Center Tool Applications

The information below is for reference if the tool is already available on your system.

  1. Open the tool and select the tab for the drive to be erased.
  2. Press Secure Erase on the left side panel.

    Press Secure Erase on the left side panel

  3. Press the Erase button.

    Press the Erase button

  4. Press Run.

    Press Run

    Press Run

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