BIOS Version Downgrade Instructions for Intel® Desktop Boards


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All BIOS updates for Intel® Desktop Boards were removed from Download Center on November 22, 2019.  The following BIOS update instructions will remain available for historical purposes.

Downgrading your computer’s BIOS can break features that are included with later BIOS versions. Intel recommends you only downgrade the BIOS to a previous version for one of these reasons:

  • You recently updated the BIOS and now have problems with the board (system won’t boot, features no longer work, etc.).
  • You have received a replacement board (via warranty) that has a newer BIOS than what your company has standardized on.

The steps to downgrade a BIOS to an older version are exactly the same as for upgrading to a newer version.

If you are using an older BIOS update package than what is currently installed, you will be prompted to confirm that you really want to downgrade the BIOS. Just confirm that you want to do this and continue the update process.

If the desktop board supports the Intel® Management Engine (Intel® ME), BIOS downgrades are not recommended for security reasons. If a BIOS with Intel® ME must be downgraded and the downgrade will affect the Intel® ME version, the Recovery BIOS Update is the only method you can use.

Select your preferred BIOS update method for complete instructions: