Intel® Management Engine BIOS Extension Options for Intel® Desktop Boards


Install & Setup



This PDF document lists the Intel® Management Engine BIOS Extension (Intel® MEBX) options and settings for Intel® Desktop Boards. The Intel MEBX configuration program can be used to view and change the Intel® Management Engine settings for the computer.

Note Intel MEBX is intended for use by advanced users. Making changes in the Intel MEBX configuration program can cause system problems. The Intel MEBX configuration should only be changed from default settings to address a specific need.

To access Intel MEBX:

  1. After the initial boot screen, the following message is displayed: Press <Ctrl-P> to enter MEBx Setup.
  2. Press Ctrl+P.

The presence of menus and settings are dependent on your board model, hardware components installed, and the BIOS version.

If the system locks, or does not boot after making Intel MEBX settings changes, try a BIOS recovery as described at Instructions for Recovery BIOS Update.

Intel MEBX Settings icon
File name: IntelMEBxSettings_v02.pdf
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Date: November 2008

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