System Fan Runs Too Fast or Too Loud

Last Reviewed: 28-Aug-2017
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The fans spin at the normal speed, as automatically determined by sensor inputs. However, when the spinning becomes abnormal (too loud), you can use the following hints.

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What are ways I can use the troubleshooting wizard to fix noisy fans?

What physical checks can I make?
  • Make sure the chassis intrusion switch is connected properly (if your system has one) and the top cover is firmly seated.
  • Ensure the system memory is fully validated for the Intel® Server Board. For this validation, refer to the tested memory list of your board model.
  • If only a single power supply is installed in a dual power supply system, check that the power supply is installed in the first power supply bay.
  • Check the fan cables and headers on the Intel® Server Board against the System Integration and Service Guide for current systems or the Quick Start Guide for older systems; refer to Quick Reference Guide of all Resource Types for Intel® Server Products. Fan cables can potentially be plugged into the wrong header, causing the fans to run faster than they should. If you're a more advanced user, you can find complete fan header and pinout information in the Technical Product Specification for your system. As for the CPU heatsink/fan, ensure it complies with the board-processor-chassis configuration; refer to the corresponding Configuration Guide for more information.
Which possible software or BIOS fixes can address my fan issues?
  • If, during the BIOS/firmware process, you choose to update the Sensor Data Records (SDR) only, when prompted to select the fan speed, choose Normal speed. As for Other Chassis, select based on your chassis model. This selection may be necessary especially if your chassis is 3rd party. 
  • Additionally, during the firmware update, if you get the following error message:

Front Panel Temperature sensor device hardware not found

Reseat the front panel board.

My fan noise issue is with a specific Intel® Server Board. What are fan fixes for specific Intel® Server Boards?
  • If your Intel® Server System consists of an Intel® Server Board S1200BT, consider changing the "Fan Controller" BIOS setting, which is found on Advanced/Hardware Monitor menu.
  • Refer to this article if your board is an Intel® Server Board S1200SP.
I've tried all these fixes, but I'm still having problems with my fan. What else can I do?
Should I make my fans spin slower manually? Making the fans spin slow will build up heat on the Intel® Server Board, and voids the Intel® Server Board and processor warranty. The Intel® Server Board may shut itself off unexpectedly. Data may become corrupted and components may become physical damaged. Therefore, always follow the posted thermal/mechanical design guides when testing a new chassis or fan setup.
    What if my system is a JBOD and its fans are randomly loud? If your system is a JBOD, especially if it's either the Intel® Storage System JBOD2312S2SP or Intel® Storage System JBOD2224S2DP, and it is running with two power supplies, try the very latest Intel® Storage System JBOD2000 Family Expander firmware, as this fixes fans that are ramping to 100%.

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