Intel® Solid State Drive Compatibility with Intel® Desktop Boards

Last Reviewed: 28-Aug-2017
Article ID: 000005871

The table below describes compatibility between Intel® Desktop Boards and Intel® Solid State Drives (Intel® SSDs).

SSD Type Image Notes
mini-SATA (mSATA)–Native mSATA The following boards support mSATA natively:
  • DH61AG
  • DH77EB
  • DH77KC
  • DH87MC
  • DH87RL
  • DN2800MT
  • DQ77MK
  • DQ77KB
  • DZ87KLT-75K

You do not need to use any adapter to install the drive. You can connect it directly to the full or half-mini card slot.

mSATA–with adapter mSATA SSD

To connect an mSATA SSD to an Intel® Desktop Board that does NOT natively support mSATA, you must use a third-party mSATA-to-SATA converter/adapter.

The mSATA SSD drive plugs into the adapter. Then connect the adapter to an available SATA port using a standard SATA cable.

Standard SATA standard SATA

Intel® SSDs in the standard SATA form factor are compatible with Intel® Desktop Boards that support SATA.

Connect the drive to an available SATA port using a standard SATA cable.

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