Setting Up RAID When the Operating System is Already Installed


Install & Setup



If your operating system is already installed, you can use RAID if the following requirements are met:

  • Your system has a RAID I/O controller hub (ICH).
    Note If your system does not have a RAID ICH, you cannot use RAID without installing a third-party RAID controller card.

  • Your RAID controller is enabled.
    If your RAID controller is not enabled, enabling the RAID controller is not recommended or supported when a SATA hard drive is the boot drive. Enabling the RAID controller might cause an immediate blue screen with the error code, 0x0000007b, followed by a reboot. To enable RAID, reinstall the operating system.


Refer to the documentation that came with your system to determine if it supports RAID.

If both requirements are met, follow these steps to create a RAID volume:

  1. Download and install Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.
  2. Turn off the system and install one or more additional hard drives.
  3. Turn on the system.
  4. Use the Intel Rapid Storage Technology user interface to create a RAID volume. You can migrate the data from a single hard drive to a RAID volume that includes that hard drive and the new hard drive(s). You can also create a new RAID volume using the newly added hard drives.