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The Intel® SSD Toolbox enables Windows* users to update the firmware and run diagnostic tests on an Intel® Solid State Drive (Intel® SSD). It displays used and free space and projected life of the drive. The Intel® SSD Toolbox can also produce a log file vital for Intel engineers when diagnosing Intel SSD problems.


The Intel SSD Toolbox is only available for Windows* operating systems. If you have an Apple* or Linux* computer, use the Intel® Solid State Drive Firmware Update Tool.

The Intel SSD Toolbox version displayed in this document is for reference only. Your installed version may look slightly different, but the functions are the same.

See the Intel® SSD Toolbox User Guide for more information.


Installation guide

After downloading the Intel® SSD Toolbox, follow the steps in the installation guide.

Intel® SSD Toolbox Installation Guide (PDF) icon
This guide describes how to install the Intel® Solid State Drive Toolbox (Intel® SSD Toolbox).

File name: intel-ssd-toolbox-3x-install-guide.pdf
Size: 138 KB
Date: October 2016

Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader*

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