Hirose* 70 Pin Connector for Intel® Edison Compute Modules

Last Reviewed: 16-Apr-2018
Article ID: 000005798

The Intel® Edison Compute Module interfaces with end-user systems via a Hirose* 70-pin DF40 Series header connector. The table lists the varying heights of receptacle connectors to consider when designing a custom expansion board.

Hirose header connector DF40C-70DP-0.4V(51)

This image shows the Hirose header connector DF40C-70DP-0.4V(51), used in the Intel Edison Compute Module. The expansion board should have a Hirose 70-pin DF40 Series receptacle connector.

  • The image shows a shield height of 1.5 mm and sits flush against the connecting PCB if a 1.5 mm stacking height receptacle connector is used.
  • The receptacle connector recommended is the DF40C(2.0)-70DS-0.4V(51)which has a 2.0 mm stacking height.
  • This receptacle connector is the one used in the Intel® Edison Arduino Expansion Board and the Intel® Edison Mini-Breakout Expansion Board.

Different receptacle connectors mate with the header connector. The stacking height is an important detail to consider when designing a custom expansion board.

Hirose 70-pin DF40 Series Receptacle Connectors

Hirose part number Stacking height Digi-key part number Mouser part number
DF40C-70DS-0.4V(51) 1.5 mm H11631TR-ND
DF40C(2.0)-70DS-0.4V(51) 2.0 mm H11908TR-ND
DF40HC(3.0)-70DS-0.4V(51) 3.0 mm n/a 798-DF40HC3070DS4V51
Header connector Receptacle connector
Header connector Receptacle connector

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