Intel Inside® Logo Replacement Label for Intel® Boxed Processors


Warranty & RMA




This information is for label replacement, not technical support. You must show proof of purchase for label replacement.

Because labels change over time, replacement labels you receive may differ from your previous version.


The Intel Inside® label is provided with Intel® Boxed Processor at the time of purchase. You'll find the peel-off and apply label attached to the back of the Warranty Booklet.

What's required for me to get a replacement label? 

For consumers, we require proof of ownership of an Intel® processor before we mail a replacement label. You must complete the Intel® Processor Label Replacement Request Form and include proof of ownership or purchase such as an invoice, packing list, or receipt.

Resellers will find information to obtain the Intel Inside® label on our corporate website. Contact your Intel representative to apply to our partner programs, or visit the Intel® Technology Provider website.

All Intel resellers are required to sign a Trademark License Agreement before placing Intel Inside® label orders through the Online Label Ordering system.