Software and Drivers for the Intel® PRO/100 Adapter


Install & Setup



Use the table below to find downloads to drivers and software for the Intel® PRO/100 Adapter.

  1. Locate your operating system (OS).
  2. Base drivers are the only thing you need to make a network connection.
  3. For advanced features like teaming and VLAN configuration, you need:
    • Base drivers
    • Intel® PROSet
    • Advanced network services (ANS)
Operating System Base Drivers Base Drivers, Intel PROSet, and ANS
Windows 8* and Windows Server 2012* Included with Windows* installation media for supported Intel PRO/100 network connections. Not available
Windows 7* and Windows Server 2008 R2* Included with Windows installation media for supported Intel PRO/100 network connections. Not available
Windows Vista*
Not available PROWIN32.exe
Windows Server 2008*
Not available PROWIN32.exe
Windows Vista* (64-bit) Not available PROWINX64.exe
Windows Server 2008 (64-bit) Not available PROWINX64.exe
Windows Server 2008 for Itanium® systems Not available PROWIN64.exe
Windows XP* Not available PROWIN32.exe
Windows Server 2003* Not available PROWIN32.exe
Windows XP
Not available PROWINX64.exe
Windows Server 2003

Not available

Windows 20001 Not available PRO2K
Windows NT 4.0*1 Not available PRONT4
Windows 98*
Windows SE*1
PRO98M Not available
Windows Me*1 PROMeM Not available
PRODOS Not available
Windows Server 2003
(64-bit Intel® Itanium® Processor versions only)2
Not available PROWIN64.exe
Windows XP
(64-bit Intel® Itanium® Processor versions only)3
Not available PROXP64

1 Not a supported OS. Intel provides these drivers as a customer convenience.

2 For Intel® Itanium® Processors only, not for processors using Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T).

3 Intel® Itanium® Processor-based systems no longer support Windows* XP drivers and software. The last software release, version 11.2, is provided as a convenience. Download PROWS64 for the latest drivers and software for Windows* Server 2003.

Drivers for other operating systems

OS Base Drivers Adapter Teaming
NetWare 6.x* or later
ANSWARE (NetWare Server)
NetWare 5.x* Not available Not available
NetWare 4.x* Not available Not available
OS/2 PROOS2 Not available
Linux* e100-x.x.x.tar.gz iANS-x.x.x.tar.gz
Solaris*1 Oracle’s website Not available
UnixWare 7.x*
OpenUNIX 8*
eeE8.pkg Not available
SCO5* See SCO* for Intel® Gigabit Network Adapter drivers.
UnXis website
Not available

1 Intel does not provide support for this driver. Contact your software vendor.

Unsupported OS

The following operating systems are no longer supported:

  • Windows* 2000
  • Windows* NT 3.51 and 4
  • Windows* 95, 98, 98 SE, Me
  • Windows for Workgroups*
  • NetWare 6.x* (and later)
  • NetWare 5.x* (and earlier)
  • UnixWare 2.x*
  • OS/2

Non-OS–specific downloads

Intel® Ethernet Connections Boot Utility Archive Name Notes
Intel® Boot Agent See
Boot Agent
Latest Boot Agent code plus tools and utilities
PROUTIL Enable/disable Boot Agent and WOL
(Boot Agent download includes PROUTIL)
Administrative Tools PROADMIN Tools and utilities for net administrators
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