How to Manually Download Intel® Graphics Drivers


Install & Setup



In the Download Center, there are three options for finding drivers:

  1. Intel® Driver & Support Assistant: automatically detects driver updates
  2. Search downloads
  3. Select a product by category

How to manually search for and select your product

  1. Identify your:
    • Intel® Graphics Controller
    •  Operating system (OS)
    • System type:
      1. Go to the Control Panel
      2. Select System and Security
      3. Click System
      4. Note your OS and system information
  2. Go to the Download Center.

  3. Under Select a Product, click Choose your Product, and select Graphics Drivers.

  4. On the following page, you can filter the results by your Intel® Graphics Controller, operating system, and the type of download you need.

    Download center filtered results example

  5. Check the Status column for the Latest driver.

    • If two versions display as the latest driver, click the download button or title for the .exe version. Use the .zip file only if you have installation issues.
    • If only one version displays:
      1. Click the download button or title.
      2. In the next screen, the .exe and .zip versions display. Select .exe. Use the .zip file only if you have installation issues.
        Download center results example
  6. Read the terms and click I accept to start the download.

  7. Double-click the exe file to start the driver installation. If you downloaded the zip version, extract the zip file and double-click the SETUP.EXE to start the installation.

    Note See the error solution document if you get this error message: The driver being installed is not validated for this computer.
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