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Note All Intel® Desktop boards are End of Interactive Support.  Links to memory information may not be available for all boards, and will not be updated.

Select your board to find system memory information, including information on tested memory modules, if available.

If your board is not listed in the tables below, you likely have a motherboard from a computer manufacturer. Check with your computer manufacturer for memory compatibility information.

Chipset Desktop board
H87, Q87, Z87 DH87MC, DH87RL, DQ87PG, DZ87KLT-75K
B85 DB85FL
X79 DX79SI, DX79SR, DX79TO
H77, Q77, Z77 DH77EB, DH77DF, DH77KC, DQ77MK, DQ77KB, DQ77CP, DZ77BH-55K, DZ77GA-70K, DZ77RE-75K, DZ77SL-50K
B75, Z75 DB75EN, DZ75ML-45K
Z68 DZ68BC, DZ68DB, DZ68ZV, DZ68AF, DZ68PL
Q67, P67, H67 DH67BL, DH67CF, DH67CL, DH67GD, DH67VR, DP67BA, DP67BG, DP67DE, DQ67EP, DQ67OW, DQ67SW,
B65 DB65AL
X58 DX58SO2, DX58SO, DX58OG
H57, Q57 DH57DD, DH57JG, DQ57TM, DQ57TML
H55, P55 DH55HC, DH55PJ, DH55TC, DP55KG, DP55SB, DP55WG, DP55WB
NM10 D510MO, D410PT, D425KT, D525MW, DN2800MT, D2700MUD, D2700DC, D2550MUD2, D2550DC2, D2500HN, D2500CC
X48 DX48BT2
P45, G45, Q45 DP45SG, DG45ID, DG45FC, DQ45EK, DQ45CB
P43, G43, Q43, B43 DP43BF, DP43BFL, DP43TF, DG43NB, DQ43AP, DB43LD, DG43GT, DG43RK
G41 DG41TY, DG41RQ, DG41MJ, DG41KR, DG41CN, DG41BI, DG41TX, DG41WV, DG41AN
X38 DX38BT
P35, G35, Q35 DP35DP, DG35EC, DQ35JO, DQ35MP
G33 DG33BU, DG33FB, DG33TL
G31 DG31PR, DG31GL
5400XS D5400XS
975 D975XBX, D975XBX2
965 DG965MQ, DG965MS, DG965OT, DG965PZ, DG965RY, DG965SS, DG965WH, DP965LT, DQ965CO, DQ965GF, DQ965WC
963 DQ963FX
955 D955XBK, D955XCS
946 D946GZIS, D946GZTS, D946GZAB
945 D945GBO, D945GCCR, D945GCL, D945GCLF, D945GCLF2, D945GCNL, D945GCPE, D945GCZ, D945GNT, D945GPM, D945GRW, D945GTP, D945PAW, D945PLNM, D945PLRN, D945PSN, D945PVS, D945PWM, D945GSEJT
915 D915GAG, D915GAV, D915GEV, D915GLVG, D915GUX
3rd Party D101GGC, D102GGC2
875 D875PBZ
865 D865GBF, D865GLC, D865GVHZ, D865PERL
845 D845EPI, D845GEBV2, D845GERG2, D845GVSR, D845GBV, D845GRG, D845GLLY, D845GLAD, D845BG, D845EBG2, D845EPT2

Known issues

Low-profile DIMMs
Low-profile (half-height) memory modules can cause any of the following symptoms:

  • System is unable to boot (stuck at POST code E0, 27, or 2E).
  • System displays intermittent lock up issues in the operating system if left unattended.
  • System randomly reboots itself.

Intel discovered a marginality issue between Intel® Desktop Boards and certain low-profile DIMMs. This marginality causes the observed issues above. All internal testing and working with memory vendors of low-profile DIMMs, indicates that the board and low-profile DIMMs are not outside of specifications.

Due to the observed issues above, Intel does not recommend using any low-profile DIMMs with Intel® Desktop Boards.

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