BIOS Error Codes on Intel® Desktop Boards


Install & Setup



This document defines the BIOS error messages associated with the BIOS on Intel® Desktop Boards.

BIOS error messages

Error Message Explanation

A processor that wasn't meant to be used with this board was detected. Using an unsupported processor can result in improper operation, damage to the desktop board or processor, or reduced product life.
The system will shut down in 10 seconds.

The installed processor isn't compatible with the desktop board.
CMOS Battery Low The battery could be losing power. Replace the battery soon.
CMOS Checksum Bad The CMOS checksum is incorrect. CMOS memory could be corrupted. Run Setup to reset values.
Memory Size Decreased Memory size has decreased since the last boot. If no memory was removed, the memory might be bad.
No Boot Device Available The system didn't find a device to boot.