Expectations and Reporting

Intel is working diligently to include diverse-owned suppliers in opportunities for new or expanded business. We cannot achieve the industry-wide change for diversity and inclusion that we hope to without commitment at every level of our supply chain. Therefore, we expect that diverse suppliers competing directly for business will demonstrate the same innovative approach that we seek from all of our tier 1 suppliers and we expect our non-diverse suppliers to create greater inclusion through their supply chains, especially to fulfill work for us.

We track our spending with contracted diverse-owned suppliers and we expect that our non-diverse suppliers report their spending with diverse-owned businesses

Reporting Guidelines

A diverse tier 1 supplier is a business 51% owned and operated by a U.S. veteran/disabled veteran, woman, minority, LGBT, or disabled person who Intel awards a contract. Tier 2 suppliers are the next level in the supply chain—they are hired or awarded a contract from a tier 1 supplier.Intel collects available diversity data related to our supply chain including certified, classified, tier 1 and tier 2 metrics and both direct and indirect spending.

We track all of this data to understand changes over time and ensure that we continue to cultivate diversity within the technology industry. Our Aim is to drive economic empowerment within diverse communities in a meaning-ful,data-driven way.

We ask that our suppliers report data that we may not report publicly. However, we value this data as a tool to continuously improve our supplier diversity program and to create a more inclusive supply chain. We request the following data from our suppliers:

  • Indirect diverse supplier spending, both classified1 and certified2
  • Direct diverse supplier spending, both classified and certified

Tier 1, also known as prime, suppliers should report their spending with diverse suppliers via Intel’s third party service provider. The third party will coordinate the reporting, provide training and necessary support to the reporting supplier. They will validate the diverse status of the reported suppliers. To begin reporting, please contact your representative or Intel commodity manager.

Through Intel’s Diversity Report, published bi-annually on www.intel.com/diversity, we report our aggregate spending with certified suppliers only. We do not disclose names of our suppliers or our tier 2 suppliers.The publicly disclosed spending includes the following:

  • Tier 1 spending with certified suppliers
  • Tier 2 direct3 spending with certified suppliers

Diverse suppliers must be certified by the end of the calendar year in which the spending is being measured to be counted in that year.

1A classified supplier is identified as diverse-owned but has not been through a certification process by a third-party organization to validate and vet the classification of the business enterprise. Spending with classified suppliers is not attributed to Intel’s supplier diversity goals because these suppliers have not been audited by a third party to ensure their validity as a diverse company.
2A certified supplier worked with a third-party certifying agency to get an industry-recognized certification as a diverse business enterprise.
3Direct spending is payment for the work of a diverse tier 2 supplier that can be tracked to a purchase order or contract from Intel.