Building a responsible, resilient, and reliable supply chain

Whether you do business with Intel directly or indirectly, how you conduct business matters. Learn more about our commitment to, and expectations of suppliers, in the areas of human rights, responsible mineral sourcing, chemical regulations, supplier diversity, and more.

Supply Chain Responsibility

Our supply chain is comprised of thousands of suppliers in over 100 countries. We hold each to strong standards of operation in order to have a positive impact on the world around us while building better technology.

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Human Rights

Intel is committed to respecting human rights and to upholding the values and high standards of ethics expressed in our Human Rights Principles, the Intel Code of Conduct, and the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct. We expect our suppliers to also demonstrate respect for human rights, including nondiscrimination in employment practices, prohibiting the use of child or forced labor, and respecting the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining.

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Supplier Diversity & Inclusion

Intel understands that working with a diverse supply chain brings new innovation and ideas to our business. That is why supplier diversity is a valued part of our commitment to deliver world-class products. Learn about our Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Program and policies.

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Supplier Program to Accelerate Responsibility & Commitment (SPARC) is a collaborative and proactive initiative designed to help our suppliers build internal capacity around corporate responsibility through rigorous commitments to compliance, transparency, and capability-building. It is the umbrella under which we drive all supplier sustainability requirements. Linked pages below have more information on impacted suppliers, program requirements, and additional resources.

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