Proof of performance REQUESTING ACCESS

POP Team Intel Confidential Updated on: 22 October 2021 1 Agenda Back to Basics Requesting Access to the PoP System 4 – 6 8 -15 Department or Event Name POP Team Intel Confidential 2 BACK TO BASICs POP Team Intel Confidential 3 Purchase Order: Do’s and Don'ts • No PO, No Work: Insist on receiving the PO before you start work. • PO Amount: Should agree with the scope of work definition in quotation. When there’s a pre- agreement for staggered payments: ➢ This needs to be reflected in scope of work or quotation, or ➢ There should be one PO per quotation ➢ Do not apply any balance of PO amount to other activities outside of the PO – line-item amount and description should align with contracted / agreed rate. • Scope of Work deliverables: Execute activity according to the PO agreed-on scope of work. ➢ If changes happen, work with program owner to get a new PO. ➢ You are accountable for any third - party suppliers that you manage as required for the scope of work. ➢ Work with purchasing rep if the scope of work is new and not within your contractual agreement. Department or Event Name POP Team Intel Confidential 4 Purchase Order: Do’s and Don'ts continued… Submit any pre-agreed proof of performance before the invoice Including all third-party suppliers’ invoices Invoice only the work that has been completed Invoices must be sent to Intel Accounts Payable Mail the invoice to the "bill-to" address on the PO or submit electronically Note: Intel has multiple "bill-to" addresses Department or Event Name POP Team Intel Confidential 5 Common violations that need to be avoided Banking – payment is made before any services agreed with you ➢ ‘banking’ budgets for future use on Marketing activities which have not yet been determined isn’t allowed. ➢ Payments should be made ONLY when an activity has been FULLY COMPLETED and proof of performance collected. After the Fact (AFT) – SC is raised after the start date of the activity ➢ Don’t accept or proceed with any commitment from Intel EE until you have the PO in place ➢ Only issued PO means financial commitment from Intel side for the project. ➢ You aren’t supposed to start the work for your order without PO number. After the fact means there had been a commitment of intel funds without proper approval. Quarterisation ➢ Intel quarterly budget can only be spent on activities happening within the same approved quarter. ➢ As a supplier, you just ensure that the agreed events are completed within the same quarter and not being extended to the following quarter. In case the activity will continue to take place in the following quarter, then you will need a new PO from the budget of the following quarter to cover it. Department or Event Name POP Team Intel Confidential 6 Requesting access to the pop system POP Team Intel Confidential 7 3 Simple Steps • • If you already have a login account on Intel’s Supplier Presence Site (SPS), please complete the following steps to get access to the Proof of Performance (POP) system. If not, kindly register in SPS ( aspx) and then proceed. Registration help :