Intel Equipment Course Evaluation Lead Sheet INSTRUCTIONS: • Student and/or Instructor Evaluation forms should be paper clipped together for each session. ***No Staples*** Do not fold forms. • The lead sheet should be placed on the top of the bundle. • Return bundles by interoffice mail to IU Evaluations @ CH2-87 or mail to Intel Corporation, Attn. IU Evaluations CH2-87, 5000 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler AZ 85226. • Use a #2 pencil or blue/black ink pen. • Follow instructions carefully. • Please print clearly. PRINT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: Supplier Name: Class Location: Course Name: Product Owner: Mail Stop: Please supply the following information for this course session: Intel Course Code: (Example 001234) Course Start Date: (month / day / year) / / Instructor First Name: Instructor Last Name: Site Code: (See reverse side for site codes) Supplier use "SS" Instructor WWID (Optional): Intel Session Code (Optional): Number of Intel Students (on sign in sheet) Leave this area of the form blank unless specifically directed how to complete per the Evaluation Special Instructions field of the course contract. Module Number: SheetCount: (To be completed by Evaluations Group) Module: Please return forms with lead sheet to: IU Evaluations, CH2-87@Intel Corporation, 5000 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85226 Do not make copies from this impression. This is a scannable form. Copy only from a laser original: <http://intelu.intel.com/IUOperations/CourseRelease/Evaluations/index.htm> EE, rev date10/04/2002 AH - Ahmedabad, India AU - Australia AZ - Arizona BA - Bangalore, India BB - Barbados BE - Buenos Aires, Argent BH - Berkshire, England BJ - Beijing BL - Brussels BR - Minsk BU - Budapest BZ - Brazil CA - California CB - Bogota CC - Calcutta, India CD - Chendu CH - CHINA CI - Chennai, India CK - Clark, Philippines CL - Corollary Corp. Orange County, CA CN - CANADA CO - Copenhagen CQ - Chongqing, PRC CR - Costa Rica CV - Cavite CZ - Czech Republic DC - District of Columbia DK - Denmark DN - NOT USED DP - DUPONT FI - Finland FL - FLORIDA FM - Folsom FS - Field Sales FZ - Fuzhou, PRC GR - Greece GZ - Guangzhou HK - Hong Kong HN - Hanoi, Vietnam HO - Ho Chi Minh City HV - Hanover ID - Indonesia IK - Korea IN - India IR - Ireland IS - Israel IW - Warsaw JN - Jinan, PRC JP - Japan Site Codes KM - Kulim MA - Madrid MB - Mumbai, India MC - Massachusetts ME - Melbourne, Australia MI - Milano ML - MALAYASIA MN - Manila MS - Former Soviet Union MU - Munich MX - Mexico MY - Malaysia ND - New Delhi, India NJ - New Jersey NL - Netherlands NM - New Mexico NO - Norway NY - New York NZ - New Zealand OR - Oregon PA - Paris PG - Penang PK - Pakistan PR - Puerto Rico RL - INPAT SA - South Africa SD - Sydney, Australia SG - Republic of Singapor SH - Shanghai SK - Sweden SO - South Carolina SW - Swindon SY - Shenyang SZ - Switzerland TH - Thailand TR - Turkey TW - Taiwan, Republic of China TX - Texas UT - Utah VT - Socialist Republic oF Veitnam WA - Washington WH - Wuhan WI - Wiesbaden WM - Waltham XA - Xian XX - Other EE, rev date10/04/2002