PDM e-Business Training

Materials Engineering Product Data Management (ePDM) June 2005 Click to change slide. About the Training Material The eProduct training is intended to help you understand the e-Business Quality project and business processes Throughout the presentation there will be “knowledge checks” to help you understand concepts presented 2 Agenda Section 1 - Introduction Goals and Objectives Definition Why PDM on the web? How to view PDM information Section 2 - Accessing ePDM Section 3 - Using ePDM Reports Online 3 Goals and Objectives Click to change slide. To learn how to access information on parts you are providing for Intel go through https://supplier2.intel.com To display item details for a material item Demonstrate how to download document/drawings and files Access AML To learn how to run various types of reports on your parts 4 Click to change slide. Definition What does PDM mean? Product Data Management 5 Click to change slide. Why PDM on the Web? Prior to implementing ePDM on the web, Intel utilized email to share documentation with suppliers. The problem with this method was… Outgoing…  It made email systems slow because of the large files being transmitted to a supplier.  Not a secure way of pushing documentation files to suppliers  Long TPT on changes and updates- manual process  Manual communication on changes  Information is easily outdated 6 Click to change slide. Why PDM on the Web? (cont.) Intel’s solution for suppliers to access raw material/information using the internet. To automate the download of documentation files associated with a raw material. Drawings Specifications AML (Approved Manufacturers List) Etc. 7 Click to change slide. How to view PDM Information – Intel vs. Supplier To view PDM information… Intel employees will view the details for a material item utilizing the SPEED program  By searching for the part number or manufacturer number Suppliers will view their specific material information via the SPS Portal by navigating to their supplier info web page and selecting the Product Data Management link.  This is determined by material item and the Approved Manufactured List (AML) status for the supplier. 8 Knowledge Check Answers are in the Notes sections. Click to change slide. 1. What does PDM mean a. Product Display Management b. Preview Data Management c. Product Data Management 2. True or false; An Intel employee can use the PDM web application to download document files? 3. True or false; A Supplier who has access to the PDM web application can display documentation for any material available through SPEED? 9 Agenda Section 1 - Introduction Goals and Objectives Definition Why PD on the web? How to view PDM information – Intel vs. Supplier Section 2 - Accessing ePDM Section 3 - Using ePDM Reports Online 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Getting Access to Supplier.intel.com Sign-up for an account at http://supplier2.intel.com Request access to these applications: ▪ PDM ▪ Quality (if using SCAR tool) Contact at supplier site approves access for user. Wait to receive account and access approvals by email Logon to http://supplier2.intel.com Select ePDM 11 New Account Request Click the Request new Account to change slide. 1. Go to http://supplier.intel.com 2. Select Registration 3. Select Request a New Account for initial account creation 4. Select Check the Status or Request additional Access to determine your status or request access to other supplier.intel.com modules. Request a new Or Check the Account status or request additional access 12 New Account Request cont. 5. 6. 7. Enter DUNS Number (Dun & Bradstreet official number). Follow directions on page to find the number Request access to: ▪ Supplier Info-PDM for File, AML (Approved Manufacturer List) and Item Detail access ▪