Security Skill Requirements

To drive improvements product security quality, suppliers are expected to source workers who meet a specified set of security skill requirements.  These skill requirements are role-based and apply to all new contracts.

The applicable roles and associated security skill requirements are available for download here; this list may grow over time to comprehend additional roles.  The last column in this table provides links to recommended publicly available training courses to help suppliers remediate security skill gaps.

An optional skill assessment tool (quiz) is available, to make it easier for suppliers to identify security skill gaps.  There are two versions of the quiz:

Version to provide to job candidates is available for download here
Version (with the answers) to assist the supplier in administering the quiz, identifying skill gaps and the remediation plan, is available for download here

It is anticipated that remediation of identified security skill gaps could potentially require several hours of training if the recommended publicly available courses are used.  Remediation must be completed no later than the first week after a worker’s assignment to Intel.