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Supplier Help/Training Materials

Contains links to training materials on many of Intel's eBiz tools


Ronler Acres Orientation

This training is for all Field Service Engineers needing access to the Ronler Acres fabs or Aloha campus (including the fabs/sort areas) must complete supplier orientation training.

Each fab/sort area requires you complete a suite of courses to obtain a fab/sort badge. Most of the training is available online at the RS1 building in the Supplier Training Room. Once you arrive at Ronler Acres, obtain from your sponsor a fab/sort badge packet; this contains all the requirements and instructions you need to complete training and obtain a badge. 


Supplier Sustainability Training 

Web-Based Training (WBT) for Supplier Sustainability 


New Contractor Orientation (NCO) Training 

ImageAll Contingent Workers (CWs) at Intel are required to complete the New Contractor Orientation (NCO) training as part of their onboarding process.


Supplier Quality Training 



Information for Potential Suppliers

Determine if and where you can be most competitive and what value-add solutions make you unique and qualified to be an Intel supplier.