New Contractor Orientation (NCO) Training

What is NCO?
All Contingent Workers (CWs) at Intel are required to complete the New Contractor Orientation (NCO) training as part of their onboarding process. The unescorted access badge can only be provided to the CWs, on the day of their start date if they have successfully completed this training. The content encompasses critical information about Environmental Health and Safety, Supplier Ethics and Badge Use, based on Intel policies.
The training is available in web-based format as well as classroom or instructor-led. The web-based format is not available for CWs supporting construction activities. They are required to take an equivalent training called NCCO in a classroom setting that has specific content for the work they will perform.

NCO Web-Based Training (WBT)
The web-based NCO training will be available outside of the Intel network through one of our learning platforms- Intrepid. It can be completed by the new CWs prior to their start date. This initiative will be implemented globally but will be done in phases. It was piloted in October 2017 to 29 campuses and additional sites will be added for Phase 1, which will go live on July 23, 2018.

Sites and Available Training

PILOT SITES – NCO WBT available since October 2017 (See separate PDF that will be linked for this list)
PHASE 1 SITES – NCO WBT available starting July 23, 2018(See separate PDF that will be linked for this list)

Who can take the NCO WBT?

  • New Contingent Worker
  • Start date has to be at least >= 1 day from the day the CW was added in CWOS
  • Site and Location is included in Pilot and Phase 1 implementation
  • CW has valid, personal email address in CWOS
  • Job Role in CWOS is NOT of the following:
    • Project Manager: Construction - I
    • Project Manager: Construction - III
    • Project Manager: Construction - IV
    • Construction Field Work
    • Construction Management
    • Construction support (NOT field work - coordinator, safety, document control)

If the CWs will be working in Construction, they are required to attend the NCCO which is an instructor-led training. The NCO WBT is designed so the CWs can complete it prior to their start date. It is important to give them at least 1 day to complete it before getting their badges.  Do not use Intel email addresses for the CWs in CWOS. A unique link to the NCO WBT is sent to their personal email addresses.

Step-by-Step Process
These steps can only be done by the Supplier. The Sponsor does NOT have the ability to add workers in the Statement of Work (SOW) in CWOS. They are encouraged to know these steps to provide appropriate direction to their suppliers.

  1. Add the worker in your Statement of Work (SOW) in Fieldglass. 
  2. Make sure that you enter a valid personal email address for the worker. Do NOT use Intel email address. 
  3. Select the appropriate Site and Location where the worker will be performing work or need building access. The site and location defaults to the site and location of the SOW. Make sure to change these if needed.
  4. Allow at least one day from the day you are adding the worker as the start date. Using a start date in the past will not expedite your worker’s start date. The worker will not be eligible to take the NCO WBT if you do this.
  5. Fill out the rest of the fields to completely add the worker in the SOW.
  6. Once the worker is added, go to the Manage tab of the work order. Complete the 2 mandatory onboarding items. The system assigns the WWID after you have entered the Mandatory: Complete Worker Information and activated once the Mandatory: Please initiate DocuSign Form is completed.
  7. Once the WWID is generated, an email from Intel CW Onboarding is sent to the CW’s personal email address. It contains a unique link and instructions on how to complete the NCO WBT. 

NCO Support and Contact Information

NCO Site Emergency Numbers Emergency contact numbers for all locations.
NCO Site Emergency Assembly Points Emergency assembly points for all locations.
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
Site POCs:
Ex. Austin – Jane Doe
For issues and concerns regarding EHS Content of NCO.
HR IT For Intrepid Password Reset and Technical Issues ONLY
Badge and Security For issues and concerns on badging and security
(within Intel network only)
For information on NCO WBT – implementation, process, training
Badge and Security Homepage Badging and Security Information
Regional Badge Support Offices Site specific questions on badging and NCO
Please make sure that you contact the right support for your location. EHS Page
(Outside of Intel network)
For information on NCO WBT – implementation, process, training