Information for Potential Suppliers

Intel works with companies that are committed to delivering high quality products and services at competitive pricing are ethical and who work to improve their communities. We also put a premium on creative thinking and the innovative use of technology in delivering solutions. A steadfast commitment to our corporate values is the cornerstone of Intel’s success. Should we fail to live up to the standards described in this guide, we encourage you to contact us for a confidential review of the circumstances. How We Buy Intel's purchasing organization (“Purchasing”) consists of various decentralized groups, which are linked to a centralized operation responsible for establishing strategic objectives and deploying resources. This "untraditional" and multifaceted structure allows Intel great flexibility in responding to the requirements of our dynamic environment. Suppliers will find that Purchasing presents many different faces at Intel. This depends on the type of materials and services, quantities, frequency of purchase, or user application. We deal with over 10,000 suppliers worldwide. With this large and varied supply base, we expect to use our standard Terms & Conditions in contracts. Ultimately, one point of view is constant - Purchasing is committed to procuring the highest quality materials/services, at the lowest total cost with the best possible delivery, sustainability, responsiveness, diversity, and technology available. How We’ll Work Together Although each manufacturing site has its own purchasing departments which may buy many items needed for local requirements, the majority of purchasing decisions are handled on a corporate level. Commodity Management Teams focus on the strategic worldwide management of materials, equipment, and services. A commodity team is led by a commodity specialist/manager and comprised of representative from Purchasing, Quality, Material Control, and Engineering. Other functions such as Safety, Production, Training Legal, and Finance contribute their expertise as needed. The team is jointly responsible for negotiation planning, supplier selection, and supplier evaluation. This synergistic approach to managing Intel’s sources of supply achieves: ▪ Consolidated purchases with a reduced supplier base ▪ National and worldwide contracts ▪ Standardized equipment and processes ▪ Competitive cost worldwide Suppliers can expect to interact with one or several members of a commodity team. Examples of team managed commodities are office products, direct materials, capital equipment, and operating supplies. Additional corporate commodities are listed at the end of this guide. What’s Important to Us Intel’s purchasing organization is the focal point for all contacts with suppliers concerning the commitment of company funds for materials and services. It is instrumental in establishing and managing effective supplier relationships. It is Purchasing’s responsibility to locate and maintain the best source of supply. Our mutual success depends on every supplier supporting us in achieving the following strategic objectives: Total Quality Revised: 03/2022 Intel Corporation To achieve excellence and customer satisfaction worldwide, our focus must be on continuous improvement within the processes and services on which we rely. Intel and its suppliers must strive to examine and improve all of the systems by which our businesses are run. Our suppliers are an integral part of our overall quality process, working together toward improvement we can build better products right from the start. To improve product cost and performance, Intel and its suppliers must consider all factors, which combined make up the true