Supply Chain Security

The security of Intel’s supply chain is of the utmost importance to Intel, our customers and our existing suppliers. Intel maintains the same policies and procedures, with appropriate localization to meet laws, regulations, and local risks, for all aspects of the supply chain, independent of the physical location. Intel supports appropriate global standards, when available, that are used to establish policies for security and privacy aspects of Intel’s supply chain. Key content and policies that reflect Intel’s commitment to a secure supply chain can be found on this page.

Intel Self-Assessment Questionnaire Summary


IT Security Policies

All suppliers providing hardware, developing software, managing systems and/or processing data on behalf of Intel must meet the minimum requirements outlined in the Intel Information Security Addendum (ISA), and as applicable in the ISA Appendix A for Cloud Security or the ISA Appendix B for Offshore Development Centers. Intel suppliers are subject to Intel’s data protection and cyber security requirements and all applicable laws, including all applicable data protection and cybersecurity laws and regulations. For suppliers within this scope, the following may also apply:

  • Intel, as part of onboarding new suppliers and periodically throughout the agreement, may perform a due diligence risk assessment of a Supplier’s cyber security controls regardless of location, using a combination of internal and industry methods. Supplier will provide reasonable cooperation to Intel by responding to these assessments and attesting to their security controls. Please work with your Intel Account contact to learn more.

Intel Information Security Addendum (ISA)

ISA Appendix A for Cloud Security

ISA Appendix B for Offshore Development Centers