RosettaNet Helps Build 100% e-Supply Chain Corporation

For more than a decade, Intel has been building and utilizing e-Business capabilities to conduct business with suppliers and customers. In 1998, we began the process of automating our procurement processes by moving towards paperless purchase orders, automated shipment notifications, and payment processes through standardized business processes. As of 2011, we have made significant progress toward our goal of becoming a 100% e-Supply Chain Corporation by also automating our forecast, planning, and certificate of analysis business processes.

Intel strongly embraces RosettaNet standards called Partner Interface Processes (PIP) as a way to enable the industry and keep overall costs down. RosettaNet is a non-profit, globally supported standards body that promotes collaborative commerce. PIPs are used to define business processes between trading partners of all sizes to connect electronically to process transactions and move information within their extended supply chains. PIPs are also developed to simplify and automate end-to-end e-business processes, eliminate business process complexity in our supply chain networks, increase productivity, and communicate with our trading partners in a common language.

For smaller suppliers who do not have the capability to leverage RosettaNet, we have a Web portal available to exchange the same documents and information.

Why a 100% e-Supply Chain Corporation?

  • Increase supply chain efficiency through elimination of older slower methods
  • Comply with emerging industry, business, or legislative requirements
  • To accelerate the adoption and ease of business to business (B2B) connections by using a combination of business systems and Internet technologies

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