Inbound Advanced Shipment Notification

Inbound ASN allows suppliers to notify Intel of information on in-transit materials and shipments. All Intel receiving docks use ASNs to minimize manual data entry errors and to fill in any missing information when a shipment arrives.

What are the values to Intel and suppliers?

  • Direct connection to Intel, minimizes translation errors
  • Reduction of status updates to Intel, tracking enabled via BOL/HAWB identification
  • Quicker processing of shipment information, improves payment possibilities
  • Advanced notification of shipment to prepare lane/receiving for shipments, reduces cycle time and potential to carry less inventory
  • Enables systematic tracking vs. time consuming phone conversation or tracking spreadsheets via email

Intel provides 2 options for suppliers to send the ASN

  • RosettaNet PIP 3B2
    • Suppliers must have RosettaNet capabilities
    • Suppliers must be able to offer IT resources in order to support development and post-production support
    • Automated process through business-to-business integration (B2Bi)
    • Minimizes manual entry and high data accuracy
    • Recommended for suppliers with high inbound shipment volume
    • Click here to view Intel RosettaNet package and project requirements
  • Intel® Web ASN
    • Most common option for suppliers that do not have RosettaNet capabilities
    • Requires manual entry by suppliers in Intel® Web Suite
    • Recommended for suppliers with low inbound shipment volume

To get further information, please contact your respective commodity manager(s). For RosettaNet implementation, your request will be put into a queue for prioritization.

Learn more about Intel B2Bi Tools or learn more about Intel® Supplier Web Suite.