ASN (RNET 3B2) Implementation Package B2B Buyside May 8, 2019 Inbound Freight Visibility Key Challenge • Improve visibility of inbound freight spends and support continued capability development to optimize the inbound freight supply chain. Current State Key Gap • Foundational data to get specific PO line shipments linked to freight invoice information. 2 Project’s Benefits Supplier Benefits • B2B: Direct connection to Intel, no translation errors • Web: Auto-population of key information, minimized manual data entry • Overall: Reduction of status updates to Intel. Tracking enabled via BOL/HAWB identification • Overall: Quicker processing of shipment information, improved payment possibilities • Note: Many Intel suppliers confirm usefulness of ASN transaction for improving supply chain success Intel Benefits • B2B/Web: Direct connection and linkage to other Intel supply chain systems, minimized data quality (DQ) issues • Overall: Advanced notification of shipment to prepare lane/receiving for shipments..reduced cycle time • Overall: Enables systematic tracking vs. time consuming phone conversation or tracking spreadsheets • Overall: Enables proactive identification of shipping issues 3 Supplier Roles and Responsibilities • Business Representative – Arrange resource(s) from supplier side – Make business decision • IT (Systems Analyst) – Responsible to configure test environment – Execute B2B testing with Intel to test the functionality of new implementation/changes – Troubleshoot and propose solutions during testing phases • Developer / Programmer – Perform development based on Intel specifications • User – Process the PO (from Intel) and create ASN to be triggered to Intel 4 ASN Scope • Direct shipments from supplier to Intel Supplier Physical shipment Intel 3B2 3B2 Advanced Shipment Notification • Basic flow: – Supplier sends the physical shipment and triggers 3B2 to Intel to notify about the shipment • Note: – ASN needs to be sent within +/- 4 Hours from actual shipment from supplier’s Dock – Only one PO# to reference per ASN – ShippingContainer structure can loop multiple times, ShippingContainerItem can loop multiple times within the same ShippingContainer. – Within one ShippingContainerItem, there can only be one PO#, one PO Line#, and one Lot# referenced 5 Business Requirements • PO # and PO Line # • Part Number • Vendor ID • Tracking Information – HAWB / MAWB / BOL • Ship Date and Arrival Date • Weight • Shipped Quantity • Packing Slip # or Shipment # • Country of Origin (COO) Scope This is project only covers Intel Managed Freight Ex. Incoterms- FCA, FOB and EX-Works Note: Supplier can request detailed information from B2B systems analyst when ready to start ASN project 6 New 3B2 Implementation • For existing supplier with other RNET PIPs (without 3B2 ready): – Approximately 8 weeks to complete (from development until UAT) – Initial Business Engagement (2 weeks) – Development (2 weeks) – L1 Testing – connectivity (1 week) – L2 Testing – syntax checking (1-2 weeks) – L3 Testing – system testing (2-4 weeks) – UAT – user acceptance testing (1-2 weeks) 7 Phase Details • Initial Business Engagement: 2 weeks – Hold Pre-Kickoff meeting with Commodity Team/Supplier/Data Quality – Verify Business model and Supplier Infrastructure – Hold Kick-Off meeting with Commodity Team/Supplier – Gain agreement/buy-in from team on Intel proposal and/or supplier plan – Communicate changes, training , schedule etc. Owner: Commodity manager pulls team together • Development: 2 weeks – Engage with supplier to review the requirement and mapping, propose solution, and commit timeline – Gather information to be setup (especially for new implementation) – Prepare test data Owner: Intel technical team and