System requirements for attending Virtual training with Intel Corporation

Please note, all virtual courses will utilize Lync for course delivery.  If you have Lync installed, please follow “Join with Lync 2010 installed”.  If you do not have Lync installed, please select from one of the two choices listed under “Join without Lync 2010 installed” below. Even though you cannot access the meeting early, we strongly suggest starting the validation process days before class delivery as we will not be able to help troubleshoot during training. Join with Lync 2010 Installed (Full Version) To join a scheduled meeting or conference call with Lync installed on your computer, do the following: 1. In the meeting request or notification email, click the virtual meeting url link (example below): Join without Lync 2010 Installed You can join a Lync meeting or conference call from a computer that does not have Lync or Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Attendee communications software installed. When you open the email meeting request on the computer that does not have Lync installed, click the virtual meeting url link (example above). You will see one or more of the following choices below: Join Option Alternate Meeting Client Lync Web App Lync Web App requires the most current version of the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug- (Suggested) in. If Silverlight is not already installed, you must have administrator privileges to install it. For details about Lync Web App, see Lync 2010 Web App Help and How-to at the Microsoft® Office Join the meeting using website. your web browser Download and install Lync 2010 Attendee For download and installation details, see Quick Start: Use Lync 2010 Attendee at the Microsoft® Office website. Join the meeting using The link in the logistics table may also be used to access the conference. Please allow for time to the First online meeting set up if done the day of the training event (strongly suggest installation no more than within the link hour before training starts). First online meeting? In the event there is a technical issue or if you are unable to get your technical issues solved as Intel is unable to troubleshoot outside of Intel’s firewall, please call into the audio phone bridge and follow along with the materials attached. You must call in to the audio phone bridge to hear the audio portion of the training being delivered. The following dial in numbers may be used to access Intel’s phone bridge. Site Arizona Arizona California California California Colorado Massachusetts New Mexico Oregon Oregon South Carolina Texas Utah Washington All Other Sites Scheduling For Chandler Ocotillo Irvine Sacramento Santa Clara CS-Colorado Springs Hudson Rio Rancho Hawthorne Farm Jones Farm Columbia Austin Riverton Dupont For Bridges 1, 2, 3 & 4 iNET 8-356-2663 or 480-552-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 480-715-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 949-567-4666 iNET 8-356-2663 or 916-356-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 408-765-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 719-273-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 978-553-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 505-794-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 503-696-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 503-264-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 803-216-2246 iNET 8-314-3030 or 512-314-3030 iNET 8-356-2663 or 801-445-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or 253-371-2663 iNET 8-356-2663 or use a calling card and dial any of the local dial-in numbers for ATS