Intel Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement

The Intel Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) program is a multiyear, quality-improvement process for the highest performing suppliers in Intel’s global supply chain.

Helping the World’s Best Get Even Better

Intel is on a constant quest to improve our quality, service, and performance. In 1987, under the leadership of Intel co-founder, Andy Grove, we extended our quality improvement methods to a small group of Intel suppliers that wanted to improve along with us.

Over the decades, the program has grown into a comprehensive road map with individual improvement plans for each supplier and quantitative measurements of their success across several vectors of performance.

Only a select group of suppliers is invited to join the SCQI program. Out of the thousands of companies that supply Intel with raw materials, finished goods, and professional services in a given year, there are only a few hundred in the program.

The Intel Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Awards

Each year we recognize the highest-performing suppliers in the SCQI program with three classes of awards. These award-winning suppliers represent truly world-class commitment to continuous improvement and are widely considered the best of the best.

The SCQI Award

Very few Intel suppliers reach this level. Out of the thousands of suppliers we work with, only a handful earn this distinction. SCQI Award recipients combine a relentless drive to improve and the highest performance in the entire Intel supply chain.

The Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Award

Through their efforts in continuous quality improvement, PQS winners have achieved a level of performance that consistently exceeds our expectations. Their work, dedication, and responsiveness have contributed significantly to our success this year. 

The Supplier Achievement Award (SAA)

SAA winners have made an outstanding contribution in a specific area and had a major positive impact on the Intel supply chain and our business.

How the Intel SCQI Program Works

Intel Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Program is a structured, multi-year road map that helps suppliers improve their products and services while achieving consistent performance gains.

The program includes rigorous improvement plans, quarterly report cards, and on-site quality assessment. Participation in the SCQI Program is a multi-year commitment that requires continuous improvement in these key areas:

How Do Suppliers Become Part of the Intel SCQI Program?

Intel managers and directors who work with our suppliers on a daily basis identify potential candidates and recommend them to the Intel executive team. Management reviews each candidate and decides which suppliers are qualified to participate in the SCQI program.

How the SCQI Program Measures Progress

Each supplier in the Intel SCQI Program has a unique road map for continuous improvement with clear, objective benchmarks. We measure progress through a series of site visits, quarterly reviews, and each supplier’s achievements in meeting their road map goals.

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