Supplier Quality

SCQI Program Overview

Established in 1987 by Intel co-founder, Andy Grove, the Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Program is a corporate-wide program that utilizes critical Intel supplier management tools and processes to drive continuous improvements in a supplier’s overall performance and business. Learn more about quality expectations of Intel suppliers.

Intel has three levels of supplier recognition as part of this program, which encourage key suppliers to strive for best-in-class levels of excellence and continuous improvement: The Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award, the Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Award and the Supplier Achievement Award (SAA). Through the SCQI program, Intel also recognizes supplier achievements in supplier diversity leadership, innovation and world-class safety program performance.

The SCQI Award is Intel’s most prestigious recognition and signifies an elite performance in all critical management systems supporting quality, cost, availability, technology, customer service, and sustainability. Recipients of this award are industry role-models and provide unparalleled supply chain support. To qualify for SCQI status, a supplier must be a previous PQS award winner, and improved even further to achieve 95 percent or greater on a rigorous continuous improvement plan and demonstrate superior quality and business systems.

The PQS Award represents a commitment to performance excellence and continuous improvement. To qualify for PQS status, suppliers must exceed high expectations and uncompromising performance goals while scoring at least 80 percent on an integrated report card that assesses performance throughout the year. Suppliers must also achieve 80 percent or greater on a challenging continuous improvement plan and demonstrate solid quality and business systems.

The SAA is awarded for specific recognition in one performance area. SAA recipients have provided outstanding contributions leading to a significant improvement for Intel business. Also, Intel honors leading suppliers who role-model supplier diversity and safety behaviors with their workforce, investing in and implementing relevant programs, maintaining transparency, and supporting spending in the supply chain.

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