Intel® Learning Network Training on Demand Controls/Adobe Play Bar, Help and Troubleshooting Job Aid

System Requirements * * * * At a minimum, ensure your system has Internet Explorer 8.0 (or higher) or Firefox (Chrome and Safari are non- supported browsers and should not be used to access ILN) and the latest version of Flash installed. Help If you require technical assistance with the course, click the “help” button at the upper right corner of the course, review common issues and solutions below or email ILN for technical assistance at Script error Solution: Turn on or off compatibility mode: compatibility-view-turn-off.html Preferences tab is blank Solution:  Internet explorer version 8 or above (do not use Safari or Chrome): us/download/ie.aspx?q=internet+explorer  Compatibility mode may need to be turned on: compatibility-view-turn-off.html  Update your flash player to the most recent version: After applying the above, clear your cache and close your browser. Launch a new browser and log back in to ILN to see if the issue has been fixed. Unexpected Error Upon Log In Solution: Clear cache in your browser (Internet Explorer view below), Tools > Internet Options > Browsing history > Delete… button. After clearing cache, close browser and reopen new browser and start log in process. If problem persists, engage ILN. Error Code after Submitting Test or Evaluation Solution: Update to latest version of flash