To the Suppliers of Intel:

Note on Intel’s approach to the Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Applicable to & followed by 1. Intel Technology India Private Limited 2. Intel Mobile Communications India Private Limited Intel India is always compliant with all appropriate labour provisions. As a company we believe in fair labour practices and have been consistently recognized as a great place to work and one of the best employers in India. Intel is committed to providing a work environment free of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a form of workplace harassment of a sexual nature that affects the dignity of men and women at work. Intel’s Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy has been formed to prohibit, prevent or deter the commission of acts of sexual harassment at workplace and to provide the procedure for the redressal of complaints pertaining to sexual harassment. We have a strong culture of very strong employee engagement and involvement in decisions that impact them and in creating a good work environment. Intel’s policy for the Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment is applicable to its employees, contract workers, interns, probationers, suppliers, and anyone who is employed by Intel or performs services for or in connection with Intel. Intel expects all employees to treat their co-workers, managers, customers, suppliers, and all others with whom they come into contact while performing their duties with dignity and respect. Intel does not tolerate any violation of the policy, whether on Intel premises, in company sponsored transport, or at Intel and non-Intel official or work related events off site. Any violation of the policy will result in disciplinary action, which may range from oral or written warnings, up to and including immediate termination of employment, depending upon the facts and circumstances of each individual case. Intel will not tolerate retaliation against any employee for raising a good faith complaint under the Policy or for cooperating in an investigation of a reported violation of the Policy. However, Intel will take appropriate disciplinary actions against false and malicious complaints. Handling of investigations: All complaints of sexual harassment are investigated by Intel’s Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Committee headed by a woman and the committee has an external NGO representation. The POSH Committee also complies with legal requirements on submission of annual reports to the government authorities. Reporting Obligation: Anyone who has been subject to or witnessed sexual harassment should immediately submit a complaint to his / her manager or to the POSH Committee ( In the event that a manager receives a complaint of sexual harassment, the manager has to immediately report the same to the POSH Committee. Intel mandates its suppliers to be in strict compliance with Intel’s POSH Policy, Guidelines at all times while they are present at Intel premises. The responsibility to remain in compliance with Intel’s Policy rests with the suppliers and their employees who work at Intel premises. Intel views any non-compliance seriously and may take actions up to and including termination of your engagement. Again, we would like to express our sincere thanks for your efforts to ensure Intel provides a work environment free of sexual harassment and a Great Place to Work for