Escorted Guest Worker - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Definitions Escorted Guest Worker - Individuals engaged in a work activity (tool maintenance, tool • troubleshooting, facilities maintenance, unplanned work, construction work, IT services, etc.) and are infrequently (less than 5 times a year) on site or responding to an emergency. Guest Registration Tool - Guest Registration Tool allows users to preregister visitors at most • large sites. Pre-registration can be completed via; Online through your work computer or • Use the mobile Guest Registration app available through the Comp Portal app. • Company apps are available after securing your mobile device following IT Guidelines. You should preregister all your visitors to make the experience as easy and seamless as possible, and to avoid delays at the lobby. Contingent Worker (CW) - Is a term used to describe a contract worker who is not an Intel • employee or ICE (Intel contract employee) employee (A.K.A. contractor, temporary worker, "green badge"). Sponsor - An Intel blue badge employee that assumes responsibility for a contingent worker • while they are on assignment at Intel. See more information here. Delegate - Individuals assigned to assist sponsors of contingent workers with data entry and • maintenance of CW assignments as directed by the sponsors. CWOS Tool - Contingent Workforce Outsourcing (CWOS). A vendor management system • (VMS) powered by Fieldglass. This tool provides the capability to manage the overall contingent workforce program at Intel including requesting CWs, on-boarding/off-boarding, analytics, reporting and more. Privileged visitor (PV) - An individual who requires long-term, unescorted site access or Intel • network access, but is not considered a contingent worker. This is a visitor who is "not paid" by Intel but needs access to support Intel's mission. More information can be found here 2. How is work defined as it relates to the updated Escorted Guest Worker Policy? Work is defined as; • Tool maintenance • Tool troubleshooting • Facilities maintenance • Unplanned or emergency work • Construction work • IT services • Work is not… • Visiting the office areas or café for meetings and discussions • Family visits • 3. Why do I have to acknowledge escort responsibilities? To ensure that our employees that are escorting guests into Intel to perform work, are clear • on their responsibilities as an escort and consistently executing those responsibilities company wide. 4. Who can act as an escort? Intel Global Environmental Health and Safety August 2023 • Any Intel Employee or Intel Contingent Worker that has an IDSID. 5. What if I'm escorting a guest and I have to leave - is it ok to pass escorting responsibilities to someone else? Yes, but validate the person inheriting the escort role has escort privileges for the work area • in question, and they can fulfill the escort responsibilities. 5. Why do I have to pre-register my guest verses having the security officer do it for me? We want to ensure the safety of our guest workers at all times • It ensures an understanding of the escort responsibilities and does not assume that those • responsibilities are understood by all escorts Ensure that Escorted Guest Workers complete a pre-task plan prior to arriving onsite to • perform work Faster - for hosts and visitors • To ensure the escort understand their responsibilities • 6. What is a pre-task plan