Product Compliance

Intel sets high environmental standards for its products and requires that its suppliers and outsource manufacturers enable similar environmental performance

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Login to the Environmental Compliance Portal to view parts data, complete the conformance statement to Intel's Environmental Product Content spec, upload or generate declaration form.

Intel Environmental Product Content Specification

Intel Environmental Product Content Specification 18-1201
This specification identifies substances that should not be contained in materials, parts, components or products supplied to Intel. Suppliers are required to fill out a one-time per supplier "EPC Spec Conformance" form for each revision of the specification.


Supplier Material Declaration

Intel's Expectations

  • Suppliers are required to provide a material declaration form for each part, product or product family supplied to Intel, which includes disclosures for RoHS, REACH, Low Halogen and other requirements as necessary.
  • Suppliers are required to submit full material disclosure (FMD) according to IPC 1752A Class-D standard for products such as integrated circuits and articles used to assemble integrated circuits; suppliers can submit material declaration according to IPC 1752A Class-C or IEC 62474 standard for products such as board and system.
  • Suppliers are required to submit material declaration collaterals through Intel’s Environmental Compliance Portal; link to the portal is also provided in the EC data request email notifications to suppliers.

Environment Compliance Portal


To complete or upload an environmental declaration, please sign into our Environmental Compliance Portal.

  • For more information on how to request access and the necessary information of Intel’s Environmental
  • Product Content requirements, data collection process, and tools and forms used for materials declarations, please refer to the Supplier Training Document (PDF) - Updated!
  • Supplier Training Document Outlines:
    • Module 1: Overview
    • Module 2: Supplier Portal Access
    • Module 3: Intel’s Environmental Product Content (EPC) Specification
    • Module 4: Material Declaration Submission
    • Module 5: Submitting an Online Support Ticket
    • Module 6: How to use Material Disclosure Form

Accepted Reporting Formats

  • Intel has adopted the latest industry standards for material declaration data exchange; Intel accepts reporting formats in either IPC 1752A or IEC 62474 standards. Please be advised that we no longer accept the IPC 1752-2 v1.1 PDF!
  • Material Disclosure Form (MDF) is an Intel provided Excel form designed according to the IPC 1752A data exchange standard. (Updated February 5, 2019, v2.3909)
    Download the form ›
  • Intel will no longer be accepting material declarations made by the on-line "Material Content Declaration (MCD)" tool starting April 2019.

Industry Standards

  • IPC 1752A is the material declaration standard published by Institute of Printed Circuits (IPC) for companies in the supply chain to share information on materials in products. IPC 1752A with Amendments 1 & 2 can be downloaded by visiting
  • IPC provides a list of 3rd party XML solution providers
  • IEC 62474 is standard material data exchange form for products of the electrical and electronics industry published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) TC 111 Environmental Standardization Committee. Find out more about IEC TC111. IEC 62474 compliant format material declaration tool is provided inside Intel's Environmental Compliance Portal.

Product Safety Reporting

The safety and quality of our products is a top priority.  Intel integrates safety into all aspects of our business: from the development of our products, through our supply chain and manufacturing, to the commercial and consumer use of our products.   Any Intel supplier or vendor whose product is being used by or is integrated into Intel's product, as well as any ODM who manufactures product for Intel, who learns of a product safety issue must immediately report it within 24 hours at  Supplier, vendor, or ODM failure to report may result in corrective action, including termination of the supplier, vendor, or ODM relationship.  No product should be shipped or sold unless it complies with all applicable regulations and safety standards.


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