Everbridge MRC Intel CW/Visitor Emergency Alerts

Subscribe to the Intel Emergency Notification System

Help Us to Keep You Safe

Corporate Security has successfully expanded the Intel Emergency Notification System that helps keep employees informed in case of emergencies that occur on-site. Now, our contingent workers (CW’s) and visitors at Intel’s major US Sites (AZ, FM, NM, OR, and SC) may opt-in to subscribe for emergency notification alerts. During emergencies, Intel Security wants to reach everyone on-site and we need your help to ensure we have as many contingent workers and visitors included in our emergency alerting system as possible. 

Help Needed From You

The alert notification service is opt-in only. This will require contingent workers and site visitors to subscribe to receive alerts through a system called NIXLE. NIXLE operates through SMS text only and is available to anyone with a mobile device capable of sending and receiving SMS/Text messaging.

How to Subscribe 

Depending on which site you are on, you just need to text the relevant keyword below to 333111.

Keywords currently available are:


A text reply will be automatically generated and sent back to you.  If you would also like to receive notifications by email, you can reply to the text with your preferred email address.  

Although there is no charge to subscribe/unsubscribe or receive alerts, users may be charged for SMS/Text messages if their mobile calling plan already charges for SMS/Text messages.  

Note:  Intel is not responsible, nor will reimburse for any such charges.  For detailed instructions on the service and how to subscribe, please refer to the PDF document.

While this service is currently in place only for the major US Sites at present, Intel Crisis Management is working with our supplier to roll out to other US and International Sites during 2021.  


If you have any questions, refer to the Intel Emergency Notification System homepage.