Intel Supplier EHS Minimum Performance Requirements

Supplier Environmental, Health and Safety Minimum Performance Requirements Rev. 3 9/22 1 | P a g e 1. Purpose: Intel is committed to ensuring an Injury Free workplace with no adverse environmental impacts. The Supplier EHS Minimum Performance Requirements define the Environmental Health and Safety roles, responsibilities and expectations for Contingent Workers (CWs) working on any Intel controlled campus. 2. Scope: This standard covers Contingent Workers (CWs) (Suppliers, Supplier subs, Facilities maintenance, etc.) working on Intel controlled campuses worldwide except for Construction Contractors. Requirements in this standard apply in all instances unless explicit contract language states otherwise. 3. Program Requirements 3.1 Supplier Pre-Qualification Suppliers performing work on Intel controlled campuses must complete Highwire Pre- Qualification and meet Intel minimum performance criteria prior to commencing work if they perform any one or more of the tasks below: • • • • • • Work activity requiring workers to complete lock out/ tag out during servicing and/or maintenance of equipment or machines Work activity requiring workers to work on unprotected work surfaces at elevations above 4 feet Work activity requiring workers to enter a permit required confined space (as specified by Intel) Work activity requiring workers to work on potentially energized circuitry or components above 50 Volts Work activity requiring workers to operate mobile elevated work platforms of fork- lift trucks on the Intel Campus Work activity requiring workers to work with hazardous chemicals, ionizing radiation or using respirators (airline or air purifying). As part of Highwire enrollment, Suppliers are required to input details of their safety performance for last 3 years along with documented proof of EHS compliant programs and training Intel Injury/Illness indicator Pre-Qualification Criteria are as follows: OSHA Jurisdiction • Recordable rate <= 4.0 for last 3 years • Lost day case rate <= 0.8 for last 3 years • Zero fatalities in last 12 months Non OSHA Jurisdictions • Lost day case rate <= 0.8 for last 3 years • Zero fatalities in last 12 months 2 | P a g e • Experience Modification Rate <=1.0 for past 3 years 3.2 3.3 Suppliers must ensure all subcontractor companies, working on their behalf, on an Intel Campus and performing any of the work activities above (including multi-tier subcontractors) meet the Intel Pre-Qualification criteria. Where the Supplier or Sub-Contractor does not meet the minimum requirements, and business conditions dictate accepting them, a written correction action plan must be documented by the subcontractor and mutually agreed to by the Supplier and Intel prior to commencing work. Stop Work Authority Everyone has the authority and obligation to stop any work when Environmental, Health and Safety risks are present. This applies to any contingent worker at an Intel owned or operated facility. Stop Work Authority shall be initiated for conditions or behaviors that threaten danger or imminent danger to people, equipment or environment. Examples include, but are not limited to: • Working at heights without proper protection from falls. • Working on equipment without required LOTO. • Conducting energized work >50V without permit. • Using a forklift without securing the load during transportation. • Handling toxic chemicals without appropriate PPE or controls • Conditions exist that could result in a release from the facility to the environment exceeding applicable regulatory requirements or approvals. General expectations for Stop Work Authority: • Stop Work