Intel Is Moving to the Ariba Network*

Intel is transitioning to the Ariba Network* to provide a more efficient, easy-to-use collaboration platform for its inbound supply chain. Transacting electronically on the Ariba Network will soon be a standard part of doing business with Intel.

Doing Business with Intel on the Ariba Network

Intel is moving to an industry standard platform to make things easier for conducting business.

Yes. We strongly recommend you complete the onboarding process to the Ariba Network.  WebSuite ( will be deactivated sometime in the future and will no longer be available to you. Intel will require all transactions be conducted on the Ariba Network moving forward.

Intel has entered into a relationship with SAP Ariba.  Once you have registered and your account is fully activated, you will manage new purchase orders on the Ariba Network.

Yes. The onboarding process and the acceptance of the Trading Relationship Request is to establish your relationship with Intel on the Ariba Network.

Yes. Your Commodity Manager is aware of the transition to the Ariba Network and can be an additional resource if you have any questions.

No. When transacting with Intel, your supplier fees will be paid by Intel. IMPORTANT: You may be required to pay supplier fees when transacting with other buyers over the Ariba Network.

No. Intel will need to “turn on” your company so it can begin to transact. You will receive a “Go Live” email from Intel letting you know you know that you can begin transacting. 

Enterprise Account allows suppliers to receive and manage orders and invoices from multiple customers in one online dashboard; view past orders and invoices, create and export reports, archive order information, access Ariba support via phone, chat, or email, publish catalogs and access online training courses.  Standard Account allows suppliers to access their account using emails and notifications, retain email communication to respond to purchase orders and notifications, archive order information, transact documents such as orders and order confirmations, convert purchase orders into electronic invoices, create non-PO invoices and credit memos, access Ariba support via the online help center, and create user accounts with permissions for different roles in company.  Suppliers can upgrade to Enterprise Account at any time.  No fees are associated for either type of account when working with Intel.

No.  Continue to use

The new supplier request process will remain the same. Intel users will continue to submit their request with EZ Supplier.  In addition to setting up all the required data from the supplier in Intel’s supplier system (ESD), the Intel team will designate in our systems that the supplier’s purchase orders should be sent to the Ariba Network. The supplier will receive an email notification when the first purchase order is released which includes instructions to set up their account on the Ariba Network. Intel requesters will only need to know the ESDID (Intel Supplier ID) for their suppliers.

During the Transition

You will be notified via a Project Notification Letter (PNL) when your company is invited to onboard.  This letter is sent to the current company contact we have on file and informs you of important things you need to know and do.

You will know your account is complete and set up to begin transacting when you have completed all the tasks listed within your Intel account.  Remember:  You cannot begin to transact on the Ariba Network until you receive your Go Live Letter via email.

You may need to work with both WebSuite and Ariba. We are making every effort to minimize the need to work in multiple system environments during the transition period.

Yes. Once you have received the Project Notification Letter from Intel, you will receive the Trading Relationship Request on behalf of Intel from Ariba. Please accept the Trading Relationship Request and follow the instructions for setting up your account. This is an important step and must be completed before you can begin transacting with Intel on the Ariba Network.

You can send an email to: Please make sure to include your ESDID (your supplier ID), full company name and address, and the contact information including name, email, and telephone number.

Your existing electronic banking information will transfer to the Ariba Network.  If you need to change or update your banking information, visit: and submit a service request ticket to make changes.

No.  Once you have accepted the Trading Relationship Request and have completed all of your registration and account set-up tasks, the system will update your status to Ready-to-Transact (RTT).  Intel will receive the RTT list from Ariba and will then generate your Go Live Letter and send it to you via Intel (ariba-enablement@Intel.ccom) email.   You are fully on boarded and ready to go at that time.

No action is required at this time.  You will receive a subsequent email when a new PO is issued from Intel.  Follow instructions included in the PO notification email to register and view your PO.

You should wait to register your account until you receive a PO notification email. This email will include all the instructions to register your account with Intel.

Yes. We want all those involved and currently working with WebSuite ( to know the new system with Ariba Network is on the way. It will be important that those working with WebSuite be connected to the Ariba Network too.

Invoicing and Purchase Orders

No. As we are transitioning, there may be some new purchase orders that will still need to be managed via WebSuite ( Submit your invoice in the system (WebSuite or Ariba) where you can view the purchase order.

You should submit the invoice for existing purchase orders in the system (WebSuite or Ariba) where you can view the purchase order.

Yes. We are not migrating existing purchase orders as part of the transition to the Ariba Network.

We are not converting or moving existing POs over to Ariba Network as part of the transition. You’ll continue to work with your existing POs in the system where they currently reside.

You are able to view your invoices and status of payments if submitted on the Ariba Network.

No. You can view a purchase order, confirm an order, and submit invoices. Other transaction types will become available at a later date.

Historical data is only available on WebSuite and we will provide plenty of notice so you may retrieve it.

The person setting up the account chooses the Admin.  Although there can only be one Admin, there can be multiple users and people to receive notifications, i.e., a group.

Ariba Network only allows one Supplier Administrator per account.  Supplier Administrators should remember to reassign the administrator role to another user before vacations or other extended periods away from the office.  If another administrator is not designated and your Supplier Administrator can't be reached, contact Ariba Support for assistance.

Up to three (3) email addresses may be designated to receive notifications.  Ariba recommends that you have notifications sent to a group email address.

No. The account administrator for the supplier can set up email notifications for PO’s in their Company Settings.

Only Enterprise Account suppliers have access to the Inbox/Outbox functionality on their dashboard.  Standard Account suppliers may upgrade at any time while working with Intel at no cost. The Supplier Admin (only 1 per supplier account) should click on the "Learn More" button on their Ariba Network home screen in order to learn more and "upgrade".   When transacting with Intel, supplier fees for using the Ariba Network will be paid by Intel.

IMPORTANT: Supplier may be required to pay supplier fees when transacting with other buyers over the Ariba Network. 

Yes, the Early Pay Program (C2FO) will continue to be available for those suppliers who choose to use it.  The process for it will not change.   NOTE:  The dynamic discounting function in Web Invoice will not be available for invoices submitted in Ariba Network.

The PO Notification email will come from the Ariba Network.  If your company already has an Ariba Network account that you would like to use, forward the PO Notification email to the Supplier Administrator for that account.  If your company does not already have an Ariba Network account, click the "Process Order" button in the PO Notification email to register an account.  The PO Notification email is the ONLY NOTIFICATION you will receive.

Yes, supplier will be able to see payment status for their Ariba Network submitted invoices through the Payment Tracker.  We are sending the payment status to both locations.

Training and Support

Yes. Once you have accepted the Trading Relationship Request from Ariba, you will receive an invitation to attend the Ariba Summit Training.  This is an excellent opportunity to receive more in-depth training on the ins and outs of the Ariba Network. NOTE:  You can listen/watch a recording from a previous Summit training class if you cannot attend one.

Functional training is also offered after you have completed your onboarding process.  You will receive an invitation to attend Functional Training from Intel. 

If you have questions about setting up your account, your user ID, log in and other Ariba-specific questions, please refer to Resources on our website or visit the Ariba Help Center (you must be logged in to view this page).

Contact Us

If you have a question, you are welcome to contact either Ariba or Intel, both are accessible to you. We recommend you follow these guidelines to better direct your inquiry to the right place:

Intel Supplier Support

For more information about Intel’s initiative and working in multiple systems go to:

Contact Intel

Go to:


Contact Ariba

Go to: Ariba Network Help Center or

call 1-800-974-4899

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