Storage Can Be the Difference From Reaching the Top or Not

Managing Storage Growth for Enterprise IT, Public, and Private Clouds

Today's storage systems need to keep pace not only with the explosion of data volume, but also need to accommodate a wider range of data types and services than ever before. Companies are buried in information that's siloed across business units and by different functions - in customer service systems, pricing systems, in supply chains. Complicating matters, critical information often resides outside companies in unstructured forms - like social media conversations. Our collective challenge today is effectively mining business value out of the huge amount of newly useful data, with even more coming fast in all areas of IT storage: block, file, object, and big data. If you want to stay competitive, you'll likely have to tackle some data storage scaling projects soon. Newer approaches to large-scale storage can help.

Meeting the Needs of Cloud Storage

Smarter cloud technology offers businesses additional value through elastic hybrid cloud models that combine the advantages of private and public clouds into a single, integrated environment. With hybrid cloud, enterprises have the flexibility, choice, and easy scalability to optimize service delivery to meet their diverse needs and optimize resources for even greater efficiency and agility. Workloads move dynamically between clouds, and services can be spun up quickly to capitalize on new business opportunities.

Intel is committed to simplifying the path to delivering hybrid cloud services by developing the foundational technology that powers high-performance, energy-efficient, highly available, and secure cloud environments. We are working closely with leading partners to accelerate cloud computing solutions that take advantage of our latest platform capabilities to make the cloud easier to deploy for a range of workloads through initiatives such as Intel® Cloud for All. And Intel is extending virtualization from individual servers to the entire data center via software-defined infrastructure, providing a critical on-ramp for more scalable hybrid clouds.

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Turn Insights into Innovation

Now is the time to invest in the right technology foundation for your data center—one that will take you from data overload to data insights. Intel is enabling the cost-effective adoption of big-data-and-analytics-driven business models that fuel innovation.

With Intel® architecture-based advanced analytics solutions, you can efficiently and effectively capture, process, analyze, and store vast amounts of data of all types. Built in partnership with industry leaders in big data and analytics software, our highly available, performance-optimized, open-standards-based solutions will support your most ambitious analytics-driven initiatives.

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The Enterprise Data Center

Data centers are the service delivery engines that fuel business innovation and provide competitive advantage. Discover why and how you should invest in optimizing your data center with guidance and tools created from Intel’s rich experience with all things data center.

Get insight and practical guidance on how to optimize your data center to improve operational efficiency, deliver innovative services, and embrace new business opportunities. Embrace the evolving world of cloud computing with a more intelligent data center. Transform your data center into an optimized cloud platform with Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)—a next-generation solution that drives new business opportunities.

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