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Intelligent Storage Enabled by Intel® Architecture

Intelligent Storage Developer Resources

Intel® architecture is ideal for all of your storage needs – everything from Enterprise data centers to public clouds and private clouds and to HPC storage. With Intel architecture. you get industry leading performance from the world's most advanced multi-core architecture—packed with the latest I/O technologies including high-bandwidth memory interfaces, high-performance PCI interfaces, and next-generation interconnects, such as 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GbE). Intel architecture solutions are available that meet the needs of all tiers of storage – from the very basic needs of cold data to the highest demanding needs of hot data. 

Density for Efficient Solutions

Efficiency is at the heart of Intel's latest technology innovations. Industry leading performance-per-watt and multi-core chip architecture allow OEMs and storage vendors to deliver powerful, dense, and efficient solutions. These technologies support even greater efficiency and value through such strategies as virtualization, data de-duplication, compression, encryption, and thin-provisioning.

Flexibility to Go-to-Market Faster

Intel® architecture is highly flexible and scalable. With a common microarchitecture at the core, Intel® processors enable you to use one processor family for multiple storage products, easily vary the performance, power, and I/O of systems within the same product line.  Intel's wide selection of standard tools and broad software ecosystem support from a vast network of third-party vendors makes it easy to bring your Intel architecture-based solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively.