Experience The Olympic Games in 5G

Together with partners, Intel is bringing the power of 5G to life at The Olympic Winter Games. For the first time ever, the unlimited potential of next generation connectivity will be on full display bringing attendees in South Korea experiences from the greatest athletes on earth.

The Next Network Revolution

5G is more than an incremental increase in speed and bandwidth, it’s a fundamental transformation within the network to leverage the full potential of the digital revolution. This winter, as the world comes together for the Olympic Winter Games, Intel will showcase its 5G technology and processors to enable a vision of the world that will connect billions of devices including cars, homes, buildings and cities and enable a new generation of connected experiences.

Intel at The Olympic Games

See how Intel is bringing new technologies and innovation to millions as an Official Worldwide Sponsor of The XXIII Olympic Winter Games.

Step into The Olympic Games - experience action in Virtual Reality, connectivity in 5G, wonder in a fleet of drones, and esports on a new global stage.

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The best seats at The Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 can be had in your living room. Experience PyeongChang 2018 from the front row with Intel® True VR.

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A new kind of champion will be made. Intel is bringing esports to South Korea, from Starcraft II at Intel® Extreme Masters to Steep: Road to the Olympics.

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The Intel® drone team is partnering with the International Olympic Committee to bring the wonder and excitement of drone light shows to the Olympic Games. See how our drones are powering an entirely new form of entertainment.

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5G Beyond PyeongChang 2018

We’re helping industries get ready for 5G—providing product innovation and market leadership for end-to-end solutions.

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Explore 5G Stories

Tomorrow’s enterprise services and customer products are being driven by 5G experiences.

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Experts explain how a new industry standard is accelerating the development of 5G technology, and how Intel will use the future wireless technology to power new ways of experiencing The Olympic Games.

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Intel® technology enables mobile edge computing to deliver high-definition (HD) live content to subscribers, proving that live events can be improved using existing technologies on the path to 5G.

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Intel’s Sandra Rivera continues to break barriers as she leads a global team building the first 5G wireless network to power The Olympic Winter Games.

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