Experience a New Level of Performance

By measuring everything from hits to hang time, Intel® technology takes you deeper into the game by providing real-time data and on-screen analytics of the most incredible action.

Athletes are always pioneering new ways to sprint, hit, soar, or ride. With Intel's advanced technology, we can know instantly how fast, far, high, or hard they went. Viewing experiences enhanced with live, on-screen data visualizations make it easy to get behind the action and into the science of any sport.

Smarter Gear, Better Info

The on-board Intel® Curie™ module1 is a breakthrough in sports measurement technology. A 32-bit Intel® Quark™ SE system senses motion with a suite of advanced sensors that gives athletes and fans a whole new perspective on performance.

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Breaking Boundaries

With Intel® Curie™ sensor modules attached to themselves and their equipment, athletes can hone their skills with a new level of precision. Instant measurements in speed, rotation, and g-force allow athletes to track their progress over time, change their game, and push themselves to new heights.

Closer Than Ever

Fans already know their favorite athletes are amazing, now they’ll know exactly how incredible they are. Performance metrics and data gathered by Intel® technology can be broadcast as data overlays and on-screen graphics giving judges, announcers, and fans their closest looks ever.

The Science of Sports

The digital revolution is coming to sports. Data will provide unprecedented visibility into performance for athletes while providing richer, more interactive viewing experiences for fans. 

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Experience sports like never before with the latest Intel® technology. We're capturing the action in amazing new ways, taking sports to the next level.

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