Improve NVMe* SSD Management with Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU

As an IT manager, you've been more than happy with the investments you've made in Non-Volatile Memory Express* (NVMe*) solid state drives (SSDs). Storage performance has improved dramatically. Teams are reporting faster development cycles. All indications are that the new drives are supporting the strategic goal of strengthening the operational agility of your organization.

But you might have also noticed some new and unforeseen difficulties. More than once, for example, you've received late-night messages from admins who can't locate a failed NVMe SSD because its LED fault light wasn't operating. Other admins have sought your permission to shut down a mission-critical server just to switch out one of these drives because they weren't confident that hot-swap behavior was supported. And beyond these new management challenges, you've also learned of an unexpected performance obstacle: some hardware RAID controllers seem to be preventing your NVMe SSDs from reaching their full potential for data throughput. How do you resolve these issues?