A remote control for your data center

Diagnose and troubleshoot data center hardware without changing your current hardware.

Intel® Virtual Gateway (formerly known as Intel® Virtual KVM)

Intel® Virtual Gateway is a cross-platform, virtual keyboard-video-mouse used for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and monitoring the health of data center hardware. A firmware-based capability embedded directly into the server, Intel® Virtual Gateway eliminates the need for complicated and expensive KVM infrastructure.

A Remote Control for Your Data Center

Intel® Virtual Gateway is a universal remote that eliminates the need for costly KVM infrastructure and works across platforms and OEMs.

Real-Time Visibility and Control

A central at-a-glance dashboard for remote access, subsystem monitoring, automated health alerts, and remote on/off control. View single or multiple units and subsystems on the same pane of glass, in real time, from anywhere, and remotely toggle power.

Automated Health Monitoring and Alerts

Avoid time-consuming manual checks of servers. Hello lunch hour.

Full Device Coverage for In-Band and Out-Of-Band Communications

Interface with devices through either channel to allow for interoperation with any vendor’s device or system, whether powered up or down.

One Interface For All

Access management tools across multiple server, blade, and storage device vendors in one simple interface.


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