Cloud Data Center Chinese Broadcasting Services Company Optimizing Remote Server Cooling And Management Case Study

Intel® DCM delivers significant annual savings by reducing on-site visits, lowering cooling costs and gaining better visibility into server capacity Business: China Cable Television Network Co., LTD, is a subsidiary of China Central Television. Challenges • Remote access and cross-platform support • Aggregated control • Real-time server health monitoring • Power and thermal data collection • IT device power (PDU, UPS, Network, Storage) • Cooling Analysis • Alerting and aggregated control to gain impact visibility into Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) hotspots Solution • Intel® Data Center Manager Executive Summary China Cable installed Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) at its new WuQing District data center facility, located in Tianjin, China. The solution was deployed across 1,300 devices to gain greater insight into the facility’s server utilization and cooling efficiency. The company’s IT operations team is based in Beijing, approximately 50 miles away. The China Cable company installed Intel® DCM in its newly built data center to gain thermal and power visibility into its 300-rack operation. These servers have Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) capability. Intel® DCM provided the China Cable IT operations team a cross-platform view of their servers. The ability to remotely monitor the thermal health of individual servers and subcomponents led to a reduction of additional IT staff and man-hours associated with manual monitoring. With Intel® DCM, the company could reduce labor by 500 man-hours per year, yielding a savings of $325,000 USD over the next five years. Intel® DCM’s ability to deliver device-level power and thermal data also eliminated the need to purchase intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Based on the customer’s current data center environment of 300 racks, the projected savings for this PDU reduction over five years would be $600,000 USD. Case Study | Intel® DCM Optimizes Remote Server Cooling And Management Efficiency Figure 1. Intel® Data Center Manager Console Intel® DCM was able to further analyze the devices, and control power and thermal consumption in real-time through data aggregation as well as optimizing server temperature levels across multiple platforms. Intel® DCM’s cooling analysis also enabled data center staff to raise air temperatures in the data center by 2°C. The rise in air temperatures yielded a reduction in cooling costs and improved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), resulting in increased energy efficiency would result in a five-year savings of $204,982 USD. The Intel® DCM deployment results indicated a reduction in the annual cooling costs of the data center by $23,609 USD annually, with a cumulative savings of $118,944 USD over five years. Background The Beijing-based IT operation team for China Cable selected Intel® DCM and immediately installed the solution to remotely access and assess the energy consumption and temperatures of their 1,300 servers in the newly built WuQing data center operation. Intel® DCM Console offers ease of use, aggregated control and granular health monitoring. It is a software product to monitor, manage and optimize the energy consumption and temperature of data center servers. China Cable accessed server nodes using DCM and began to compile and aggregate data from the servers. 2 Case Study | Intel® DCM Optimizes Remote Server Cooling And Management Efficiency Intel® DCM Provides Remote Access and Real-Time Power and Thermal Data Collection Traditionally, on-site data center operators need to check server LEDs one-by-one, requiring additional man-hours and increasing labor costs. Intel® DCM, with its