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Intel® Cache Acceleration Software


Proactively Optimizes Your Cache for Highly-Targeted I/O Acceleration


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Intel® Cache Acceleration Software offloads I/O from primary storage to local high-performance media, allowing storage to be used for capacity, not over-provisioned for performance.

Intel Cache Acceleration Software installs seamlessly into the operating system itself, providing a cache solution that is transparent to users, applications, and storage systems.

First read data is retrieved from primary storage and copied to the Intel Cache Acceleration Software cache. A second read promotes data to system memory. Subsequent reads are returned at high-performance RAM or SSD/Flash speed. All data is written synchronously to both the primary storage and the cache.

Only the active parts of files are cached, optimizing performance and the utilization of the SSD/Flash cache size.

When the cache is full, newly identified active data evicts stale data from the cache, utilizing a proprietary eviction algorithm.

Intel Cache Acceleration Software installs into the Windows* or Linux* Server OS, both as a physical server and running virtually under VMware*, KVM, Citrix XenServer*, or Windows Hyper-V,* including support for VMotion and/or Live Migration while maintaining a hot cache.