Safaricom Yolo* User Guide

Safaricom Yolo* User Guide

Safaricom Yolo* User Guide

Yolo™ Smartphone User Guide

Getting Started

Congratulations on your new phone purchase.

This guide will help you quickly come up to speed on the important features of your phone.

Keep in mind your phone has:

Fast Processor: Featuring the Intel® Atom™ processor that enables fast web browsing, super-responsive apps, and effortless multi-tasking so that enjoying the... thing you love has never been easier.

Intelligent Camera: Featuring an advanced 5MP HD camera that lets you capture images quickly—up to 7 photos a second—so you’ll never miss the best shot, even in challenging environments.

Great Entertainment: Easily create and share true HD-quality video, and with super-smooth playback, your phone becomes a personal theater you can take with you anywhere.

Read the full Yolo™ Smartphone User Guide.

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