Innovate on an Agile, Open Platform with Exceptional Performance.

Intel is a leading provider of home gateways for the telecom industry. The Intel® AnyWAN™ GRX750 home gateway enables the telecom industry to quickly deliver innovation for the connected home, while saving costs, simplifying operations, creating new services and applications, and meeting evolving customer expectations. Unlike other solutions in the market today, the Intel® AnyWAN™ GRX750 family architecture provides OEMs the flexibility to connect any wired or wireless technology, including optical fiber, DSL,, and 4G/5G. An all-Intel based solution is available in combination with Intel® XWAY™ WAV500 Wi-Fi chipset, Ethernet, DECT and voice.

Intel® ANYWAN™ GRX750 Home Gateway Features at a Glance


·   32 and 64-bit Intel® architecture

·   Great tools, great community: Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), McAfee Intrusion Prevention System, and DPI security

·   Embedded 2-core x86/64 Intel Atom® processor (up to 2.5 Ghz clock)

·   14 nm lithography (as used for 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i3/i5 processors – Intel® microarchitecture code name Skylake)

·   10G packet processor

·   100 Mbps NAS

·   Intel® ANYWAN™: On-board or SFP or both simultaneously

·   All Intel NPU, E-PHY, PON,, Wi-Fi, Femto, DECT, SLIC

·   IOT-scalable Wi-Fi with DirectConnect*

·   6W1 thermal design power

·   Universal GateWay Software (UGW)

Product and Performance Information


16k core mark for mainstream Intel® ANYWAN™ GRX750-4000. Up to 20k possible with Intel® ANYWAN™ GRX750-4400. 6W TDP target, likely ±15%.