Enhance the Occupant Experience

Focus on Occupants

Providing the best experiences for occupants is a top priority for property owners and building managers. Some examples include creating a more comfortable, productive environment by actively measuring and managing temperature, carbon dioxide levels, and lighting levels throughout the building. Occupants may also want to interact with building systems—such as HVAC, parking, surveillance, and room scheduling—from their mobile devices.

Increase Building Automation

These capabilities may require a higher level of building automation that ties different systems (e.g., lighting, security, HVAC, and energy) together and allows occupants more control over them. It’s possible to do this without replacing existing systems by using today’s IoT-based building solutions that instrument properties with utility meters, people counters, and other sensors.

Ways to Enhance the Occupant Experience

  • Improve environmental quality
  • Automate building services
  • Provide a safer environment
  • Reduce energy costs