Improve Productivity and Occupant Experience

Occupant and Asset Location

Navigation apps on smartphones are hugely popular, enabling consumers to find nearby stores and restaurants, or map out routes. Now facilities staff and occupants can do similar things inside buildings where technologies, like GPS, may not be as reliable. Called location-based services, this capability supports:

  • Indoor navigation
    Occupants or visitors can discover where they are in an unfamiliar building and get directions to where they need to be.
  • Resource tracking
    Facilities staff can track the location of devices (e.g., waste paper bins, and cleaning carts) as they move within the building.
  • Resource location
    Occupants or visitors can find the closest resources, like open work areas, projectors, or the cafeteria.
  • Room scheduling
    Occupants can find an available conference room near them and avoid scheduling one that is relatively far away.

The Benefits of Location-Based Services

  • Increase occupant productivity
  • Save time for facilities staff
  • Enhance the building experience
  • Deter asset theft

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