HPC-as-a-Service: The Opportunity for CSPs

High performance computing, or HPC, is changing. Known for its use for scientific workloads like weather modelling, exponential data growth worldwide means it’s entering the mainstream. Organizations around the world are exploring use cases for HPC. Precision medicine, automated driving systems, fraud and anomaly detection, and business intelligence could all benefit from the power of ...high-performance computing. But traditional on-premise infrastructure just isn’t flexible enough for modern enterprise supercomputing. Varied workloads, global teams, and elastic resource demands create challenges for enterprises wanting HPC clusters in their data center. Fortunately, new technology like containers running on bare metal and Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) bring cloud-based HPC very close to on-premises performance levels. And it’s for this reason that HPC in the cloud is on the rise, predicted to be the fastest-growing cloud product category for the next five years. There are a number of ways that forward-thinking CSPs can ride the wave of this burgeoning market, setting themselves apart from the competition. To discover how you can build an HPC-as-a-Service offering, and prepare your infrastructure to support it, download Intel’s eGuide.

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CSPs: The Case for HPC-as-a-Service

HPC-as-a-Service offerings present a big opportunity for CSPs as demand for high-performance computing in the cloud surges.

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