Get SSD performance from a hard drive array

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 10X increase in performance of existing hard disk drive (HDD) arrays with small upfront investment
  • Read and write caching of hot spot data for significant reduction in I/O latency
  • Optimized for real-world workloads of transaction-intensive applications
  • Simple, intuitive management tools to assign and manage solid state drive (SSD) cache pool

Increase ROI for SSDs

Intel® RAID SSD Cache allows for one or more SSD to be used as super-sized cache for the RAID module or unlocks a SSD-optimized code base for SSD RAID arrays.

Intel® RAID SSD Cache 2.0 with LSI MegaRAID CacheCade Pro* 2.0 read and write caching technology eliminates the need for manually configured hybrid arrays by intelligently and dynamically managing frequently accessed data and copying it from HDD volumes to a higher performance layer of SSD cache. Copying the most accessed data (hot spot) to flash cache relieves the primary HDD array from time-consuming transactions allowing for more efficient hard disk operation, reduced latency, and accelerated read and write speeds.

Product brief: How SSD Cache works ›

Reduce Latency Bottlenecks

Accelerate the performance of existing HDD arrays without making substantial investments in new hardware by deploying SSD cache with LSI MegaRAID CacheCade* technology. SSD cache leverages SSDs in front of HDD volumes to create high-capacity, high-performance controller cache pools.

Video: Supercharge server performance with Intel® RAID SSD Cache 2.0

Product Specifications

RS25 series ROC-based (LSI2208) products
Target market Scalable performance

Board form factor

Activation key
Supported operating systems All supported operating systems
Supported SSDs Varies by Intel® RAID product; see the Tested Hardware for your specific Intel® RAID product
Max. number of SSD disks in a CacheCade* cache pool 32 SSDs
Max. number of SSD cache VDs supported in a controller Up to 64 (The total number of HDD VDs plus SSD cache VDs must not exceed 64 as this is the maximum number of VDs supported by the RAID controller)
Max. SSD cache capacity per controller 512 GB
Items included Upgrade Key to enable Intel® RAID SSD Cache with Fastpath* I/O for Intel® RAID 6G ROC products
Compatible products Click for detailed lists of Intel® products