Intel® RAID Controller RS25AB080

Eight internal port 6-Gb/s PCI Express* SAS/SATA RAID controller with maintenance-free cache protection

Key Features

  • LSI SAS2208* RAID-on-Chip (ROC) controller providing SAS 2.0 compliance, including 6 Gb/s data transfer
  • Embedded 1 Gb DDR3 1333MHz cache (ECC DDR3 memory)
  • Two SFF-8087 SAS/SATA connectors for up to eight internal ports
  • x8 PCI Express* Generation 3 interface for fast communication with the server board
  • Includes a maintenance free backup unit (MFBU) with super-capacitor and flash memory

Target Applications

Ideal for mainstream applications. Users can deploy the Intel® RAID Controller RS25AB080 in existing HDD-based server environments for significant performance gains. Alternatively, for users implementing server platforms based on solid-state storage, these next-generation controllers exploit the potential of SSDs for new levels of performance accompanied by enterprise-class reliability.

Key Advantages

Advantage Description
Exceptional data protection and performance Supports data redundancy using SAS or SATA hard disk drives through mirroring, parity, and double parity (RAID levels 1, 5, and 6), plus striping capability for spans (RAID levels 10, 50, and 60). Dual-core LSI* SAS2208 ROC technology, eight PCI Express* Generation 2 host interface, and DDR3 cache enhance the performance of scalable performance applications.
Improved serviceability The maintenance free backup unit (MFBU) is built using NAND flash that can retain data for up to ten years. In addition, it provides near instant optimal RAID performance versus traditional Lithium Ion (LiON) battery backup units (BBUs), which are limited to just days of retention and can take up to 8 hours to charge. Additionally, longer lasting technology allows for a standard 3-year warranty.
Environmentally friendly The MFBU improves traditional methods of cache protection by eliminating LiON batteries. The MFBU does not require additional hazardous shipping compliance documentation, nor does it require LiON disposal fees, personnel-, or maintenance-planning expenses.
Support for premium feature upgrades The RS2A5B080 includes a connector for optional hardware-based keys that easily plug in to unlock advanced software algorithms designed to improve performance and enhanced data protection. The Intel® SSD Cache with FastPath* I/O upgrade allows for using one or more SSD as a large cache pool for the RAID controller which can significantly improve performance of read-intensive applications, such as file, Web, and online transaction processing servers.

Product Specifications

Product Order Code Supported Devices RAID Level Supported Number of Internal Ports Number of External Ports Number of Devices Supported Compatible Products


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